He is a DJ & Producer living between Berlin and Ibiza. His first release, «DUNYA“, as «IAM» has been listened to more than 5 million times on Spotify alone. The single was featured on the cover of «Electronic Rising“

Apart from his timeless DJ sets that have left a lasting impression on listeners in cities like Paris, Milan, Ibiza, Tulum , Mexico and more, Afshin Momadi is also the Creative Director / Founder of „9N1M SENSE.” a premium street fashion brand.


Afshin‘s passion and vision for the fashion world have made him a key player in the development of many well-respected brands worldwide, including the successful and internationally renowned Pigalle Paris and Boris Bidjan Saberi or his long lasting Partnership with Adidas where he also designed his own sneakers .Afshin is also working in the development of Sounddesign for Louis Vuitton , he was a close friend of the late Virgil Abloh wich he meet in 2012 while touring with Kanye West in Paris.With his inspirational perspective and foresight, Afshin has become one of the cornerstones of change and development in the fashion industry.

Furthermore, Afshin Momadi has been at the heart and spirit of a phenomenon electronic music brand that, in just six years since its debut in Ibiza in 2017, has managed to shape the course of electronic music globally – Afterlife .

Now, with his newest work, „Elysium“ Afshin demonstrates his determination to leave a lasting impact on audiences all over the world by bringing his creative vision and unique perspective to life.

In the year 2023 , Afshin decided to partner with Andrea Olivia on his weekly Residency every Wednesday in Playa Soleil for 14 Shows , the new Beach Club of Ushuaia Group.