Alex Atenciano is a young man born in 1998, from a town southeast of Madrid. He has grown up in a very culturally rich environment thanks to his parents who have educated him with music since the 70’s until today.

He was given his first mixing desk at the age of 10 and that’s where it all started. He made his debut at one of the biggest festivals in Spain, A Summer Story at the age of 20 and after that he started his career in the Tech House world releasing on labels like Tech Avenue Records, Huambo Records, Lemon Juice, Kappa Recordings, Gruff Music, Fucking Sound Inside…

His productions are characterized by the vibe and groove they transmit, he has big hits like Suave, supported by a lot of DJ’s internationally.
His DJing style is very energetic and thus transmitting to his audience all the energy of the session.