A musician since birth, the Canary Islands’ Alex Medina has engaged in a lifelong commitment to electronic music since 1993. The DJ, live act, producer, promoter, and more recently, label owner has been an active member and mover within the Iberian electronic music community, and continues to expand his reach beyond the Atlantic by way of impelling sets and ingenious productions that not only pique his listeners’ aural verve but also immerse them in multi-sensory experiences.


On decks, as a DJ and in live acts, Medina is a wizard, his sets are groovy and psychedelic, deep and complex, versatile and broad, fervently seeking to escape conventionalism, tapping into multi-verses, from house to techno, indie to electronica, and everything in between.

Recently back from a 7 weeks tour in Mexico performing in electronic mecas such as Bar Americas among many others. Showing his music Tel Aviv (Forum), Dubai (Soho Garden), Marrakech,Brussels (Paradise City Festival)…A promoter since the turn of the millenium, behind the scenes at Guateque, Intro and Splash, Medina not only contributes to but also helped shape the emerging electronic music scene in the archipelago. And thus Mumbai Records was born. With acclaimed releases, the label has successfully balanced electronic and organic sounds with grace, introducing novel vibes and risque electronica for mature audiences.

Releasing on some of the most relevant labels in his niche and beyond, yielding top hits for Innervisions, Diynamic, Tau, Watergate, Sum Over Histories, MoBlack, Stil Vor Talent, Mobilee, Mumbai Records, Applied Magic, Exotic Refreshment,Radikon, Befree, Secret Fusion, Kulto, Hydera, Eklectische, Dilate, Surrealism Open Bar, Unfoundsound, Suara, Flumo, Unlock, Synergy..

His artistic gambit is ambitious and lucrative,sprawling across genres with a signature hypnotic depthness and affective symbiosis, garnering accolades and support from esteemed scene heavyweights, Laurent Garnier, Dixon, Ame,Pete Tong, Solomun, Jhon Digwedd Richie Hawtin, to name a few. Just recently, his contribution to Dixon/Ame’s Innervisions, Golden Teacher has topped the Beatport Indie/Future Classics Chart for weeks at a time, in addition to a handful other remixes and releases that climbed high ranks on these highly coveted spots.