The Ibiza based – born & raised Brazilian DJ – started her musical journey on the white island.

At first she was part of the duo Mocean – where it all begun – later on KALISMÃ decided to embark in her solo career, since then she has driven a multi-coloured music identity. Not defined by a genre, KALISMÃ’s sound is a multi-faceted journey of depth and emotion, a conversation between her audience and herself. She already experienced playing festivals along side Black Coffee, Keinemusik, Damian Lazarus, Monolink, Seth Troxler, Ame and many others.

KALISMÃ specialises in delivering remarkable energy, style, and attitude through the margins of melodic techno as a start, crusing through deep tech & melodic minimal – in fact exploring and experimenting sounds of different genres is how she delivers a musical journey that translates in her electric energy.

As of recent KALISMÃ has been focused on her studio days, whilst rocking crowds at venues/festivals across Europe. Often seen playing in Ibiza, Mykonos, Italy and Belgium for the well known ‘Maya Warrior’ stage at We Can Dance Festival & Voodoo Village – where she played along side Damian Lazarus at the ‘Gardens of Babylon’ stage. In Mexico she experienced performing at the iconic ZAMNA MUSIC Tulum along side Black Coffee & Themba. Upcoming is her debut at EXTREMA Outdoor in May this year alongside some of her biggest influences in the industry.

Highlights: Extrema Outdoors (Belgium), Black Coffee (Zamna Tulum), Vodoo Village Belgium, Storytellers (Tulum)