Over the last ten years, the musical adventure that connects David López. Has carved out an important slot in the electronic scene, being deeply specialized in progressive-house sounds and fascinating melodic techno.
Since then, this guy from La Mancha (Spain) has not stopped their growth, publishing material on such important European labels as the Berlin label Exploited or on Diynamic Music, besides the popular Solomun at the helm.
At the same time, Lopezhouse was noticed by an electronic legend such as the British musician John Digweed, who bet heavily on them by being signed by Bedrock Records to release several EP’s and the awesome debut album entitled Apollo that was released at the end of 2021.
Last, but not least, in 2021 he published Apollo, their first full-length work. It is their most daring and experimental work up to date, moving away from the dance floor with a search of krautrock and post-rock essences in tune with other styles such as ambient, synth-wave and dark disco. It can be considered as a turning point in their career that opens 2022 with renewed energy for offering the public a new live show full of soul, character and quality that will continue that upward last decade trajectory.
Finally, nowadays Lopezhouse has 7 EP’s and 1 album in Bedrock Records and he is doing many gigs around the world showing his music!


Mude Tod ( Dirtybird ) 12/10/2015

Crosses and Angels ( Plattenbank ) Remix Guy J 29/02/2016

See the Line ft AFFKT ( Exploited ) 04/07/2016

Dark Place ( Diynamic ) 05/05/2017

November Clouds ( Bedrock Records ) 03/07/2017

Motorik ( Suara ) 29/10/2018

Atrrasaldean ep Ft Dave Clarke ( Sincopat ) 23/12/2018

Something is Happening ( Bedrock Records ) 25/01/2019

Nothing is Real Ft Eleonora ( Hafendisko HFN ) 10/07/2020

Sunburst ( Bedrock Records ) 13/11/2020

Vostok ep ( Bedrock Records ) 04/05/2021

Apollo Album ( Bedrock Records ) 17/12/2021

Iraila ep ( Bedrock Records ) 13/01/2023