Manili was born in the musical culture of the post «movida madrileña».

He continued alongside Teo Mariscal in venues such as «Imposible» of that time (they currently run another venue of the same name in Madrid).
He learned to read the dancefloor and to search for excellence in a booth, together with his brother, one of the most important Spanish DJs of the time.

Today, Manili has a strong project like few others; with a musical line very defined by his tastes, with a melodic tendency but with an explosiveness and a reading of the track that make him unique.

A perfectionist to the point of exaggeration; convinced that music is a way of transmitting sensations that cannot be explained with words, he establishes a new alliance with Teo Mariscal many years later.

A promoter of a new way of understanding electronic music; with superior taste and power, Manili is undoubtedly the past, present and above all the future of the DJ booths. He has shared booths with DJs of the stature of InneIIea, Colyn, Patrice Baümel, Totto Chiavetta, Murat Uncoglu, Avidus, among others.
His way of understanding music has built up a legion of followers who are present in practically every session.