An Artist, born and raised in the Dominican Republic. He is a record producer who mixes and creates his own music. A Dj and an entrepreneur that established his own entertainment companies with live music such as (Masaka Africana) based in Ibiza.
Mickey is inspired to capture Afro House music. He combined Down-Tempo & Afro House roots with his original culture (Afro-Caribbean). He also mixed incredibly organic and spiritual sounds that generate a lively atmosphere. He incorporates Arabs and Latin sounds creating melodies with high vibration and frequencies, a great passage to different cultures. His music got supported by AdamPort and some of the top DJs and producers all over the world.

Mickey has been featured on Billboard #Top10 Afro House on Beatport in October 2021 under the label Cacao Records.

From 2021 until this summer he played in several different cities like Dubai, Ibiza, Barcelona, Madrid, Zurich, Lisbon, Paris, and others.
Mickey is getting discovered by more people every day in his weekly performances and is growing out to be a superstar international Dj.