MIGANOVA is an Italian music producer with a diverse background.
He grew up in Barcelona and is currently based in Tulum, where he’s working on his music.

After winning as Best Beatport Producer in 2020 he signed with MoBlack Records and his career started to raise.


His production style is a blend of multiple techniques, notable to the emotional pad and danceable sounds – mixing depth and spontaneity in the tracks. A plethora of new, unique sounds to discover.

MIGANOVA took part in the latest year at some of the renowned Music Festivals like Zamna and Horyzon.

He also had the opportunity to tour extensively at some of the word’s biggest Venues as Do Not Sit Miami, Savaya Bali, Adam Tower Amsterdam, Pacha Ibiza, Casa Cobra Guadalajara, Vagalume Tulum, Antik Costa Rica, Octava Colombia and many others.
All of this performing with big names of the scene as Arbat, Fideles, Agents of Time, Innellea, Armonica, Dub Fire, Massano.

Alongside the parties, the artist keep on releasing tracks and He is also involved in the event promotion scene, as a co-founder of Sinner Event and Sinner Music Label.